make a diy wood bead garland for seasonal decoration

A wood bead garland can level up your seasonal decoration.

wood bead garland

I have to admit that I’m not fan of garlands, but wood beads are so lovely. They add a cool touch anywhere you put them while making your place look fresh. Additionally according to the colour choices, it can level up your seasonal decoration, either for fall, Christmas or spring.

In this post, I’m showing you how to make a diy wood bead garland you can use in every room of your home. The process is so easy, that you may end up making more than one.

Materials you will need:
  • wood beads
  • cotton cord
  • scissors
wood bead garland

I don’t even start to tell the steps for this wood bead garland, because the tutorial is too basic. All you have to do once you have all the supplies is count the length of the cotton cord to fit your place (either for a vertical or horizontal garland) and arrange the beads according to your taste.

wood bead garland
wood bead garland
wood bead garland

I love how these wood bead garlands turned out and both of them in my home. I hope that you like them too. Your opinions are really important for me, so don’t hesitate to tell me what you think.

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