wad magazine – cocktail issue


Few days ago a friend of mine introduced me to her “favorite magazine”, as she said, WAD (We Are Different). At first, I just paged through it and noticed the attention that had been given to the graphics (this is what I always notice in a magazine). Of course, the following day I went on to buy it as I was still thinking of this magazine and all I can say it that WAD was a huge surprise for me. It’s so strange that I hadn’t got to learn about it earlier. Its summery 2012 issue, “Cocktail issue” is full of interesting interviews, cool editorials and photo-shoots. While reading the magazine, I got to learn several designers, artists, musicians and so on that I hadn’t even heard before and that’s so great!

SUNBURN, shot by Lluis Artus
KAMIKAZE BLUE, shot by Thomas Paquet, artwork by Zeitguised
COSMO CALI, shot by Ben Sandler
FIREBALL, shot by Bertrand Le Pluard

WAD Magazine is so dedicated to urban fashion and culture but it is really unique, well-designed and has its identical style. I am so happy that I got to know it as it’s so fresh and undeniably cool and I am sure I won’t miss any issue from now on.



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