two-piece dress

Loving an ill-fitting dress will always make me creative and excessive. Finding a way to wear this dress again means everything for me, and my diy skills help more than anything. 
I had this lovely white dress (photo below), but it was small for me on the top part, so I decided to make it a two-piece dress, while removing the sleeves was the best part. The only negative thing is that the top is too short, but who cares anyway.

diy-two-piece-dress-02 diy-two-piece-dress-03 diy-two-piece-dress-04
This is the third time that I post an outfit with these Migato heels, but to be honest I’ve become a little obsessed with them. They are so comfy and beautiful that I wear them almost everyday.
Last but not least, this MCM wallet feels so qualitative and luxurious, this is the reason why I do without huge handbags. Either way, I don’t need much more than a phone, keys, money and a lipstick. All fits perfectly in my leather MCM wallet.
diy-two-piece-dress-05 diy-two-piece-dress-06 diy-two-piece-dress-07


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