the hiraku shirt

You already know my love for M to the Pi brand (reminder here) and this justifies this new addition in my wardrobe, the Hiraku Shirt. Made of 100% cotton, this long white top is baggy, elegant and comfortable! It has a fold, which can be worn in the front (as I do) or in the back of the shirt. I combined it with a mini white skirt and these wedges ankle boots to create a semi-formal look!


Apart from mini skirts, the Hiraku can be worn with shorts, baggy trousers, maxi skirts and, of course, leggings. This fact makes it a staple piece in one’s wardrobe for multiple outfits. While wearing it, I realized that it can be worn as a light cardigan too! Maybe, I will post another outfit post to show you how! 

mtothepi-hiraku-shirt-03 mtothepi-hiraku-shirt-04