summer holidays in Andros

summer holidays in Andros

Summer holidays in Andros

My summer holidays in Andros were fun, yet calm and relaxing. Andros is a popular holidays destination for Greeks and international tourists. The beautiful island has rich history and combines luxury with calmness. A visit to Chora (the capital) will leave you amazed with its elegant architecture, interesting shops and attractive views to the Aegean Sea.

summer holidays in Andros summer holidays in Andros
When I was there, I visited a very interesting art exhibition of Aida Carbone, taken place in the traditional middle school of the island in Chora. Aida Carbone searches isolated beaches and discovers driftwood. Shaped by the violent waves and rusted by the salt of the sea, these pieces of wood act as the main canvas for her paintings. Her paintings are unique. She follows her imagination and the shape of the driftwood. Below you can see some photos from the exhibition.
Apart from the exhibition, I also took some photos of the middle school of Andros, a place arousing familiarity and hospitality. Several details of the building caught my attention. The stairs form an exceptional geometry, while the colors remind me of tradition and warmth.
summer holidays in Andros summer holidays in Andros summer holidays in Andros
summer holidays in Andros Chora-Andros-summer-holidays-08 Chora-Andros-summer-holidays-09 Chora-Andros-summer-holidays-10
Chora-Andros-summer-holidays-12 Chora-Andros-summer-holidays-13 Chora-Andros-summer-holidays-14 Chora-Andros-summer-holidays-15 Chora-Andros-summer-holidays-16 Chora-Andros-summer-holidays-17 Chora-Andros-summer-holidays-18 Chora-Andros-summer-holidays-19 Chora-Andros-summer-holidays-20 Chora-Andros-summer-holidays-21
If you visit Andros, look around for beautiful details, traditional food and smiley people. The aura of this island will calm you down and help have a lovely time.


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