20 things to do while staying at home

staying at home
Staying at home

We will spend a lot of days at home. It sounds hard, though we must be careful and responsible. But what are you going to do all these days? I’ve put together a list of 20 things you can do while staying at home to kill boredom and even enjoy yourself.

  1. Do nothing. If you don’t work from home, this is a great opportunity to rest and spend some days relaxing. At some point, you will get bored and do something else.
  2. Try new recipes. You will find numerous recipes from your favorite chefs or food bloggers that you’ve never made before. Start cooking! Whatever you choose, there’s no need to try something extreme.
  3. Read a book. Books are the best company. Pick that book you have left half-read or never actually read. Even if you don’t have an available book, visit your favorite site and read all these articles you’ve been meaning to read.
  4. Call your parents, your friends, your relatives. If you can’t be with them, at least make sure to talk frequently and inform each other about your needs. If you live alone, this is even more necessary, as you’ll get lonely quicker. Call those friends you have missed, have a “phone coffee” and tell your news.
  5. Discover new channels on YouTube. There are videos for every taste. Whether you like diy, make-up, creations or cooking, you will find videos to fill your day and learn something new. If you prefer to listen instead of watching, find new podcasts on Spotify.
  6. Make new lists on Spotify. Thematic lists are so useful. Make a list for the gym, for work, a 90s list, a list you’ll listen to while cleaning at home. There are hundreds of ideas. Not all of them are urgent to make, but at least you will enjoy yourself while listening to your favorite music.
  7. Clean your home. This is not the best option, but it’s so rewarding afterwards.
  8. Throw away random papers, magazines and newspapers. It’s almost certain that you will never need them. They are a waste of space. Before recycling them, you can consider cutting the important pieces or choosing some photographs you like for a collage.
  9. In the same mood, clean/organize your e-mail. What about unsubscribing from all the e-mail newsletters that you never read? Maybe thinking of creating folders for a smoother experience?
  10. Watch movies or start new series. Your free time can support a new series, or a whole new category of films. Choose your favorite director or actor and watch all their movies. Or, watch films that seemed “too demanding” until now.
  11. Keep a diary, or document what’s happening. Whether it’s on video or written, we are in the middle of an important historical moment. It’ll be interesting to read about it in few years.
  12. Exercise at home. You will find several videos from mild or intense exercise. Don’t push yourself too much. Mild exercise will improve your mood too.
  13. Transfer photos from your phone to your laptop or an external hard drive. Organize your photos and get rid of doubles.
  14. Take care of yourself. Do a hair mask. Give yourself a manicure. Try a diy face mask that only requires kitchen ingredients. Do whatever you want for some extra self-care.
  15. Tidy your closet. This needs a lot of time. You’ll not find a better chance. Where are your spring/summer clothes? You’ll need them soon.
  16. In the same spirit, fix your clothes. A shirt missing a button? A top with a hole? Take care of your garments. Then, you’ll be able to enjoy them again. Of course, you can try an upcycling/diy project, if you have the necessary materials.
  17. Update your resume and LinkedIn profile. Even if you aren’t searching for a job right now, it’s good to have an updated online professional profile. So, next time you see an interesting job opening, you’ll be ready to apply.
  18. Improve your skills. There are thousands of online classes for your consideration, and your career. Some of them are free. Skillshare, Udemy, Coursera and Udacity are few the options if you want to dive into online learning.
  19. Tidy your stuff. Check out your drawers and cupboards. You’ll find useless objects, or food that needs to be consumed before going bad. Throw out expired medicine or make-up products that are too old. Clean your fridge. There are so many things you can do.
  20. Learn something you have always wanted. Are you interested in fashion history? Is geography your thing? Do you want to learn more about global history? Thousands of thousands of pieces of information are available in the internet. If you have free time, try to learn as much as possible for a certain topic, even if it’s completely irrelevant to your career. It’ll be easier and amusing to read about something of your taste. While others may not care about it, what if you want to know everything about Africa?

BONUS: 3 things not to do while staying at home

  1. Don’t spend your whole day online. You’ll get bored and consumed after 2-3 days.
  2. Don’t read about Covid-19 all day long. You’ll get overwhelmed by the news and panicked, and this is not helpful.
  3. Don’t spend the whole time doing nothing. Try to have a new routine, close your normal routine, and days will pass as smooth as possible.

Since we are staying at home, let’s spend this time enjoying ourselves. Let’s do things we have been procrastinating, because we had more important things to do. Let’s be creative and optimistic. Of course, we’ll miss going out, meeting our loved ones, our everyday routine. There’s a small chance of facing economic issues because of quarantine, but at least let’s stay healthy.

Even though we are staying at home, don’t forget that fresh air and sunlight are important for your health. For a clean space, have the windows open all day. Spend some time on the balcony trying to catch every ray of sunshine, when it’s sunny outside.  


staying at home

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