skater skirt + ugly sweater

You might have already seen this outfit, but I wanted to tell some things about the pieces I wore in H&M’s spring/summer 2014 press preview.

Firstly, I was really surprised to receive positive comments on my outfits, as it consists only very old and some vintage pieces. For example, these red pumps happen to be 4 years old, they turned out really worthy! And it’s the same thing for my skater skirt too, I bought it when I was 18.


My vintage sweater reminds me of Christmas ugly sweaters, but it’s so cozy and cheerful that couldn’t resist wearing. Then, let me tell you about this leather handbag, which came to my hands without even expecting it (my sister’s godmother gave this handbag to me as she no longer wanted it). And even though I thought that I would be hard to combine, this handbag became a staple piece for my wardrobe.
skater-skirt-and-ugly-sweater-02 skater-skirt-and-ugly-sweater-03

Anyway, what I try to say with this post is that you can always find new ways to wear the clothes you already own for “fashion-approved outfits”!




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