a fashion scrapbook / recycling old fashion magazines

One of my resolutions for this year was to get rid of things (donate/sell/recycle) I don’t need or want, and my huge collection of magazines were the first thing that came to my mind. Throughout the years, I used to save all the glamorous/urban/avant-garde magazines I bought, and of course I ended up having a lot of magazines. Since I wanted to minimize the stuff that I own, I thought that they could work great for a fashion scrapbook.
I re-read all the magazines I’ve got, some of which were bought like 7 or 8 years ago, I had to figure out which pages I wanted to keep.

After two or three days of reading magazines, I was left with a huge pack of magazine pages (150-200 pages), and I did one more sweep to reduce the number of the magazine pages.

At that time I was left with around 60 pages, which felt great. Then, I had to get organized, I needed to store these pages in a helpful way, otherwise I would never see them again, especially when I needed some inspiration. I bought a plain file folder and started putting each page in there, as if it was in a magazine until I had no more pages left.
fashion-scrapbook-using-old-magazines-05fashion-scrapbook-using-old-magazines-06 fashion-scrapbook-using-old-magazines-07

So, my new fashion scrapbook is ready, and it will be sitting next to my favorite fashion books. I will make sure to use it whenever I need fashion tips or some outfit inspiration! What do you think?




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