over the knee socks

I think that this sweater makes me look fat, right? I don’t really mind as it is comfy, but I am just saying! I can’t explain why but I love wearing over the knee socks! It makes me feel so sexy, but still like a little girl, such a strange emotion. You can see my handmade button necklace as well (also seen here) and my old shoes I had posted sometime ago, with their proper ribbons though!

over-the-knee-socks-01 over-the-knee-socks-02

Hope you are having a good day!



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  1. wraies kaltsouleS!!! 😀 vasika mia zwnh psilasth mesh xriazete ligo na dosei mia nohth kabili tou swmatos! alla telio polovaraki kai se creme xrwma pou latrevw!

  2. Super cute,over the knee socks,looks gorgeous. And the knitwear looks so luxe and cosy.

    Thanks so much for your kind words and for following back,it means alot x
    Hope your having a wonderful week.

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