No New Year’s Resolutions for 2022

new years resolutions 2022
Photo by Autumn Mott Rodeheaver on Unsplash

2022 has come, but this year does not seem such a big deal of a celebration as previous years did. We can blame Covid-19 and the restrictions in Greece. During the holidays, I was in quarantine because I was positive with Covid-19 and spent the whole time in bed.

Quarantine, loneliness, and a lot of free time gave me the chance to think of the new year and how I would like to spend it. Before the pandemic, I would have already set new year’s resolutions and made plans on achieving them by now. Though, this year things are different.

Having spent two years in a pandemic, and 2021 being hard, this year I plan on treating myself better! I don’t need any new year’s resolutions! I could focus on all the goals I could achieve. But I prefer to take care of myself more and stop worrying about everything in my life!

This blog is a bright example of how much I worry about stuff. Last time I posted here was in October 2020, because I needed a break, but then I was too scared to start writing again. Though, that I can start little by little, and things will come as they want. There’s no need to be too organised or plan everything. If I am happy here, I will make sure to come back.

To be honest, there are a lot of blogs and articles. The world will go on even if this blog does not get updated. But my perspective is distinct, as every individual is different. A reader could see themselves in my articles.

2021 was not a bad year for me! Among other things, I found a new job, completed my MSc in Marketing, and made new friends. Quite a full year! It’s strange to talk about a good year during a global pandemic, but everyone can decide on their own how this year went.

This year, we can relax a little bit and live as good as possible. Life will go on if we move slower and stop chasing new year’s resolutions with less passion than we did in the past.

In 2022 I am focusing on all the little things that make my heart happy. Reading books, watching movies, and visiting exhibitions are my priorities. And most of all, I want to spend as much time as possible with my beloved ones.

In the end of this year, I want to remember all the wonderful moments I lived. Setting goals is great, but this is year or moments and happy experiences, and let’s see how this goes!

Hope you are a little happier in 2022! Happy new year!

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