new diy bracelets

Whenever I find some free time I try to keep my hands busy making easy and nice bracelets. There are plenty of tutorials on the web if you need some inspiration and/or help. Some of these tutorials require less than ten minutes but others may need hours. It’s up to you to choose what you want to make. Here, I want to show you what I made recently. 
1. Charity cord bracelet. A very quick, simple and easy bracelet. It won’t need more than five minutes.
2. Friendship bracelets. Quite easy as well.
Instructions here.
These bracelets are enough for me to pass by this month. I am sure by next month I will have found new designs to make.





7 Replies to “new diy bracelets

  1. ahou latreuw to vrahioli me to kalwdio!!!
    h8ela na to kanw k egw alla dn evriska hrwmatisto. mono kati mpez k maura 🙁

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