diy bags & necklace


This weekend I spent some time making a handmade bag and correcting another one I had made in the past. I love so much making bags, they mean so much to me. Obviously, the black bag is a do-it-yourself option of the classic Longchamp handbags, I even used the patron of an old handbag I have – shown here and here. Also, I made this button necklace, which is similar to that one.

Do you like them? How did you spend the weekend?




7 Replies to “diy bags & necklace

  1. I love it all, best way to spend a weekend,DIYing!
    Its incredible you made all this,and I noticed how your black bag looks like a longchamp bag, it looks so well made.
    Thanks so much for your comment,I hope you are well and are having a wonderful week so far x

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