mirrored sunglasses



My favorite part of being a blogger is that I no longer hesitate to experiment with my clothes. This is exactly the case with these vintage menswear pants. Although they are several times bigger than my size, I needed to wear these pants. Having spent all these years wearing vintage clothes, I feel like a master, I can wear anything that comes to my hands! To make my outfit more modern, I combined these pants with a vintage menswear shirt and leather clutch, my all time favorite wedges ankle boots, a Keyboard pendant and of course these amazing mirrored sunglasses from The Glass of Brixton. I have to admit that the sunglasses make the whole outfit look a lot cooler and added some color.

the-glass-of-brixton-mirrored-sunglasses-02 the-glass-of-brixton-mirrored-sunglasses-03




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