how to make reusable produce bags

Learn how to make reusable produce bags for your everyday shopping. Not only are they lovely, but they are practical, and help reduce the quantity of waste you are producing.

make reusable produce bags

With all this continuous update on how the planet has changed these recent years, the climate emergency is a constant thought on my mind, therefore I’m always searching for ways to minimize the waste I’m producing and live in a more sustainable way.

Grocery shopping or buying stuff in a supermarket is where I get to produce a lot unnecessary waste. The plastic bags may have been banned, though they are still allowed when shopping for fruits and vegetables. Using paper bags is an option, but I still feel that I could do better and go for reusable bags.

This is how I got to make reusable produce bags that I use whenever I buy vegetables and fruits. They are simple to make, quick, and have an old-school vibe.

make reusable produce bags

Materials you need to make reusable produce bags:

  • Net fabric
  • Scissors
  • Sewing machine
  • Thread
  • Rope
  • Pins
make reusable produce bags


  • Cut a long rectangle of fabric net, approximately 70 x 30 cm. Then fold it in half. You can use pins, but the net is not so helpful. I mostly use this size of bag for fruits and vegetables. These dimensions are optional, you can adapt the dimensions to your needs.
  • Sew along the side edges leaving 2 cm of seam allowance. Leave 3 cm unsewn on each side of the upper part of the fabric.
make reusable produce bags
  • Fold the seam allowance and sew again along the side edges. You need this to secure the sewing since the fabric net is not “sewing-friendly”.
  • Now, let’s move to the upper part of the bag. Fold the fabric along the edge and sew it leaving 2 cm of space for the rope. Do this for both sides. While doing it, you may even sew the second side as continuation of the first one.
  • Cut a piece of 50 cm of rope and pass it through the slide, all around the bag. If it seems difficult, you can use a safety pin. Then tie the two ends together with a knot.

The reusable produce bag is ready to use!

make resuable produce bags

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