living away

I spent my holidays in an island near Athens, called Euboea. This is not a well-known island and, especially for me, it’s not something special as I’ve been going there since I was 5 years old. There was no reason why I didn’t choose to go somewhere else, I just decided to spent my days there as a tourist, discover new places and enjoy my summer.

At the very first days, I really missed Athens, as I am addicted to this place but days passed and I chilled out. It was a really fantastic summer. I really enjoyed myself and it was so great that I was with my friends, doing nothing. I felt like a was a little kid again.

To be honest, most of these photos aren’t mine. My friends used to use my camera as a game and always started talking photographs. Some of them were pretty good, so I thought I had to use them.

summer-2011 summer-2011-02summer-2011-korasida-02

Hope you all enjoyed your summer!




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  1. I went last summer to the north of evoia- and it was maybe the prettiest beach I ve ever been camping!you are so lucky to be visiting there for so many years!:)

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