life close to the sea

life close to the sea

Life close to the sea

Life close to the sea makes me feel in a particular way. Especially when I’m in an island for holidays, I instantly refreshed. You can say that everyone feels refreshed when they go on holidays, but islands make you feel in a different way than cities or mountains. There are specific colors that you get to see in Greek islands. Blue, white, beige and yellow are the main colors that you see around.
This post is about my recent holidays in Andros, where I went for four days. I’m not supposed to post cliché photos from my holidays, since I find them so boring and overrated. Though, I prefer to share some details from the beautiful things I see around me as I’m going to the sea. This post features reeds, sunbeds, the sky, the sea, details of the ship and the warmth of the sun. In my mind, I have connected the above things with Greek summer, and our islands. I let myself get charmed by this aura. When I’m calm, I always have a better time.

life close to the sea summer-holidays-andros-04 life close to the sea summer-holidays-andros-02 summer-holidays-andros-01 summer-holidays-andros-10 summer-holidays-andros-09 summer-holidays-andros-08 summer-holidays-andros-07 summer-holidays-andros-06
summer-holidays-andros-12 summer-holidays-andros-13 summer-holidays-andros-14 summer-holidays-andros-15 summer-holidays-andros-16 summer-holidays-andros-17 summer-holidays-andros-18 summer-holidays-andros-19 summer-holidays-andros-20 summer-holidays-andros-21summer-holidays-andros-22
As this post only features the trip and the first day of my holidays, I wrote another one with more photos.


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