leather pants + t-shirt

It’s crazy how quickly leather trousers took over the world! From the baggy trousers, to slim leggings, leather bottoms have become an everyday staple in the wardrobe of most girls.

Personally, I went for a Wrangler skinny leather denim. Wearing this leather denim, I felt like a rock star, it’s such a basic piece that I could easily wear everyday! In order to keep my outfit rather plain, but interesting, I added this Lee t-shirt and some glamorous jewels! 

Just tell me how amazing this wide green cuff from Dyrberg/Kern is! Its color and design make it so unique, and not to mention that just with a touch, it make the outfit look so precious! You can’t help but love it!
leather-pants-and-tshirt-03leather-pants-and-tshirt-04leather-pants-and-tshirt-05leather-pants-and-tshirt-06 #love


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