5 things you need to know about Koufonisia


Koufonisia islands attract a growing number of visitors each year, and it’s logical since they are a great summer destination. Koufonisia consist of three separate islands, Ano Koufonisi, Kato Koufonisi and Keros. Only Ano Koufonisi is inhabited and this is where you can stay for your holidays. Both Kato Koufonisi and Keros are uninhabited, but the first one is available for one-day trips. Keros is inaccessible for now.


If you’re thinking about visiting the islands, below you’ll find 5 things you need to know about Koufonisia.

1. No need for driving

When you arrive on Ano Koufonisi, you’ll realise that cars are unnecessary on the island. A pleasant walk will get you everywhere you want. The longest walking distance, from the village to a beach, takes roughly 45 minutes to cover. Though, you can stop wherever you want for a quick swim. You don’t even need to walk that much because even the beaches closest to the village (around 10-15 minutes away) are great for swimming.

Alternatively, you can use the small boats offering transport to the beaches every day (from morning to sunset). In addition to this, everything is in walking distance in the village. You can go wherever you want on foot. If you are tired of driving and spending time stuck in traffic, Koufonisia are the place you need to go for holidays.

Walking around Ano Koufonisi
2. Turquoise waters

All the beaches of Ano Koufonisi have mesmerising crystal clear blue waters. Upon arriving on the port, you’ll be amazed by the turquoise water of the beach nearby. You’ve never seen such a lovely beach next to a port.

The first thing you see when you arrive in Ano Koufonisi

And this is one of the numerous beaches you can visit. The beach I mentioned above is called Ammos and is located next to the village of Ano Koufonisi. This is the best option to go for a quick swim before leaving the island or in case you arrive late in the afternoon. For the other beaches you’ll walk across the coast. The two beaches closest to the village are Charokopou and Fanos. Small beaches, with lovely waters. In Charokopou, you’ll find a traditional taverna, Foinikas. In Fanos, there is a beach bar, and it’s louder than the other places. Fanos is a smart option if you want to walk the minimum distance. Though, if you are okay with walking, you should visit the other beaches too.

Ammos Beach

Right after Fanos beach, you’ll find Italida. This is an amazing beach, with blue-green water, and lots of people. This is where several tourists head to not only for its convenient location, but its beauty too. There’s no beach bar there. For anything you may need, you’ll have to go to the beach bar in Fanos. 

After Italida beach, you’ll get to Pori, the most crowded beach of the island. It resembles to Simos beach in Elafonisos. Pori is a large beach with wonderful water. It’s not organised, but right above you’ll find to places to buy anything you may need, the Wave Beach Bar Restaurant and Kalofego.

Italida beach

Between Italida and Pori, you’ll see the most magical natural pool, it’s called Piscina (the Greek word for pool). I couldn’t swim when I passed by because there were too many people waiting for their turn, but I got so jealous. Moreover, in different places throughout the coast there are several spots and caves worth exploring. Among them, Gala is the most popular one, and it’s located after Pori beach.

3. Tasty food

In Ano Koufonisi, you’ll eat great food everywhere you go, though some places may amaze you with their plates. You’ll mostly find fish and seafood, quite suitable for summer months.

  • For breakfast, you’ve got the following options: for a bakery with traditional pies you’ll go to Georgoula, while for brunch head out to Mylos or Sorokos. 
Ομελέτα για πρωινό, στον Μύλο
  • Captain Nikolas, a beautiful large tavern, is the best choice for fresh fish.
  • For pasta with lobster or shrimps, there’s no other choice than Neo Remezzo. The shrimp past with white sauce is the most known dish of this traditional tavern. It was quite delicious, but I would go for less cream. Need to mention that the dishes are huge, don’t order too much.
  • If you crave for burgers, your wish will be fulfilled in Guacamole Burger Bar. You can combine your burger with a refreshing cocktail from the menu.
  • For after midnight snacks, you’ll head to Pirata Nero Creperie. While, for an ice-cream, you need to go to Fistiki, and you won’t know which flavor to try first.
  • If you’re in Pori beach and need to eat lunch, please choose Kalofego. It’s slightly gourmet, but the menu is awesome. Few choices and delicious plates. It’s totally worth of a visit.
  • For Greek souvlaki, got to Fos Fanari or Strofi.
  • Finally, right in front of Ammos beach, you’ll find Lefteris, a modern restaurant with gourmet dishes. Everything you need after swimming.
4. Nightlife

You’ll spend some island nights in Ano Koufonisi. You’ll start your night out at Koufochorio or Astrolouloudo.

Then, you move on Sorokos, where you’ll find cool cocktails and clean drinks. You’ll enjoy them under the moonlight, in total romantic and chill mood. The bar is equipped with just five or six tables outside, but you can also choose a standing spot next to the entrance. 

Get a table in Mylos or Kyma and enjoy the sunset. Perfect for a romantic date!

The night out will last until 3 o’clock when bars close. After that, the creperie is open for another hour.

5. Kato Koufonisi

Kato Koufonisi is different from the other one. It’s uninhabited, featuring no facilities for travellers. You can visit the island for a one-day trip from Ano Koufonisi since there are no hotels or room to stay. You’ll get to Kato Koufonisi on a boat, from the port of Ano Koufonisi. Routes are frequent and the boat makes two stops, Panagia and Nero. The second stop will get you to a fantastic beach, featuring small pebbles and mesmerizing water. This place is quite more silent and natural than the beaches of Ano Koufonisi, but it doesn’t lack in beauty. It’s nudists beach, but you don’t have to strip. The beach is not organised, so make sure to bring everything you may need.

Nero beach

If you want to explore the area, walk through the paths nearby the camping tents. If you head east, you’ll reach Pezoulia beach after 20 minutes. It’s an isolated beach featuring pebbles and crystal-clear waters.

Walking around Kato Koufonisi

In Panagia stop, you’ll go for lunch in the tavern or go for a second swim in the Lakkoi beach.

Lakkoi beach
Extra Information
  • You’ll get to Ano Koufonisi by boat, from the port of Athens.
  • Its location serves as a great option for island hoping and several excursions in Small Cyclades. Ano Koufonisi is connected to several islands from Cyclades too.
  • Ano Koufonisi offers all the necessary facilities for comfortable and safe holidays. The village of the island, the Chora of Koufonisia, is located right in front of the port. In the village, there are room to let, stores with clothes, accessories and souvenirs, pharmacy, supermarket, doctor’s office, and an ATM.
  • During the day, there are boats going to all the beaches of Ano Koufonisi, if you don’t want to walk. Accordingly, there are boats for the beaches of Kato Koufonisi. The daily ticket costs €5, the same one both the islands. You can use it to go wherever you want in both islands and make as many stops as you wish.

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