holidays in Ksanthi

holidays in Ksanthi

Holidays in Ksanthi

My holidays in Ksanthi were fun and calm at the same time! Whenever I go there, I fall in love with this place all over again. It is weird when you visit a place and feel like that you belong there! I’ve got that feeling for Ksanthi, a small town in north Greece. I visited this town few days ago for the second time.

Once again, I felt amazed by the beauty of this town. This place is a combination of modernity and tradition. There are so many places to see! There are traditional buildings, quiet small streets and amazing colors everywhere! You are so close to the nature, but also in the center of a town. You only have to choose what you prefer. Ksanthi makes me feel like home! I love walking next to the river, hanging around the city, have lunch in a cool restaurant or shop in modern boutiques.
You can always count on me on posting some not cliche photos. I am all about nature, buildings and minor details. This all-white building above made me feel strange. Its absolute color is so calming, but it looks abandoned, and this creates a strange feeling.

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  1. I love the pictures, feels so traditional and homely sometimes you need to visit such places for fresh breath,kin of country side <333

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