high-waisted skirt

You won’t see me often wearing high-waisted skirts with stylish heels and hanging around as a lady, but since this happened one of these days, I had to share it with you. This high-waisted skirt is another vintage item from my mum’s clothes and these denim wedges are from ZARA. The cardigan, the necklace and the top are handmade by me.


0 Replies to “high-waisted skirt

  1. uperoxh fousta!!!!!! kai to xrwma kai to kopsimo! bravo sth mama sou na peis!!!!! kai to kolie polu wraio!!!

  2. trés chic! den ksero ti mou aresei perissotero! katarxin to giino kai minimal einai apistefto, to kolie fovero kai ta papoutsia apla ta zilevo!
    kalo savvatokiriako!

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