how to make a hanging organiser with pockets

hanging organiser
How to make a hanging organiser with pockets

A hanging organiser with pockets will decorate your place, while serving as storage space for random stuff. You can hang it anywhere in your home. Preferably, it looks great above your office table or next to the door, where you can put your keys or other trivial things. In this article, I’m going to show you how to make a hanging organiser with pockets, with things you may already have in your home.

hanging organiser

You will need:

  1. Wooden trouser hanger, piece of wood or a small curtain rog (Mine is from a window blind I bought from Ikea.)
  2. Thick felt (4-5 mm), or another stiff fabric, like leather.
  3. Fabric scissors
  4. Pins
  5. Fabric for the pockets
  6. Needle & thread
  7. Fabric soap
  8. Drawstring/ribbon
hanging organiser

How to make a hanging organiser with pockets


1- Cut the felt to the desired size. Mine is 35 x 65 cm. It’s a rather small, but it’s great for my space. Make sure it matches your home and fits the things you want to hang in there.

2- Lay down the fabric for the pockets. Using the soap mark the designs you want, and cut the pockets. If you need help, use paper templates. For example, if you want pockets 15 x 15 cm, cut a paper in these dimensions. Then, use it as a guide to cut the pockets.

3- Leave a space of 10-12 cm – this will be used for hanging- and arrange the pockets on the felt.

4- Use the pins to secure the pockets in place.

5- Sew the pockets onto the felt. If you sew with a sewing machine, don’t forget to use an appropriate needle, or it will break due to the felt’s thickness. Otherwise, you can sew by hand.

6- Fold the felt, moving it to the back side of the felt and secure it with pins. It must be wide enough for the piece of wood or the curtain rog to pass through. If you hang the organiser with a trouser hanger, you should fold the felt over it and then secure it with pins. Sew the felt.

7- Pass the curtain rog through the hole. Use a drawstring or ribbon to hang the organiser. And it’s ready!

hanging organiser
hanging organiser

Depending on colors and fabrics, your hanging organiser will either be colorful or minimal. Either way, it’s going to be lovely and practical. Hope you liked this tutorial and you’ll try to make this hanging organiser with pockets. For any question, you can leave a comment below or send a DM on Instagram @obsessedmaker.

If this felt looks familiar, I guess you have already checked a recent article where I showed you how to make a cylinder felt belt.


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