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Last night was dedicated to a friend of mine, Mirella. She threw a party to celebrate her birthday. I had such an amazing time, met interesting people, drunk a lot of drinks and generally it was an perfect homemade party! I really enjoyed myself as I needed it so much because my daily routine is full of deadlines and reading.
My outfit was simple and it was a decision of the very last  last minute. I am dying for white blouses and I wanted a new one so much, so what did I do? Few hours before the party I decided I would make it one myself. Actually it was not difficult. It took me about an hour and a half, and I was ready to go.
The skirt is made by a friend of mine, Mirto. She is so talented and has a great taste in fashion. I love it so much! As far as the rings are concerned, if you follow my blog I am sure you know that I am addicted to rings. The “bow tie” ring is from Pull & Bear and I bought it yesterday. The black one is made by Just for you. The rest of them are made by me.
Have an amazing weekend.


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  1. Wraia fousta re hahah!eyxaristw polu zouzounaaa 😀
    to daxtulidaki ta spaei me vlepw na to pairnw kai gw se ligo (pali vrisimo 8a faw xixix)!kala gia tin blouza sta eipa kai sto party..souuupeer!! smouts <3

  2. Πανέμορφη η φούστα της Μυρτώς!!! και μου αρέσει πολύ και το μπλουζάκι που έφτιαξες 🙂 εγώ με τα δαχτυλίδια δεν τα πάω καλά, βασικά ξεχνάω να φορέσω :/ μόνο ένα ασημένιο της μαμάς μου φοράω συνέχεια…

  3. I love to see posts full of hand made loveliness 🙂 And your ring collection is pretty fantastic. I am such a magpie for rings.

    I've just gotten around to reading your comments to my post about Italian Vogue using models that don't conform to industry standards. I think it's important that obesity doesn't become something we feel it's ok to accept, since it interferes with the life and health of the sufferer. However, I think that at whatever size you are at this point in your life you deserve to be able to have high self-esteem. I mean, if a girl's end goal is to lose her extra weight to be healthy then that's great but it doesn't mean she shouldn't allow herself to feel good NOW even if she's overweight. Many women fail to lose any weight at all and often end up relying on food for comfort due purely to low self-esteem which is exacerbated by the fashion magazines full of stick thin models. It's a vicious cycle.

    Thanks for entering into the spirit of the debate and for giving me something to think about. 🙂

  4. παραπολυ ωραιο ντυσιμο!! η φουστα ειναι τελεια!! το blog σου ειναι υπεροχο εγινα follower !αν θελεις ριξε μια ματια κ στο δικο μου θα χαρω να μαθω τη γνωμη σου!!


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