from a dress to crop top & skirt


Sometimes we get bored of our clothes, it’s normal; we change, so does our style. It only needs curiosity and lust for creativity to make a piece you already own feel like a new one. It can be through styling, or with a diy project. It’s not that hard to see a new piece pf clothing in one you already own, it just needs some practice. As long as you keep on thinking ways to recycle your ways, somehow it will come on its own.

At first place I shouldn’t have bought this knitted dress, I bought it around five years ago and only wore it ten times in total. Though I had to use it somehow, tossing out clothes is not of my style. Therefore, this dress stayed in my closet for a long time, until it was transformed to something else, aka. a crop top and a mini skirt.


The crop top is too deep, and needs a bustier but it feels good! And it’s the best piece to wear with high-waisted bottoms.
And this is a typical skirt, with an elastic band on the waist and pockets. As mini as it should be!


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