follow the sun


Obviously, this outfit is not so special, and, although I wore it more than a month ago, I didn’t mean to post it, but these photos are so captivating. Looking at them makes me even more optimistic and happy! The sun makes me smile!

follow-the-sun-01 follow-the-sun-03
Still, I love some details of my outfit, as the handmade bracelets, the faux fur tote and the yellow beanieI am not quite sure for this handmade long leopard vest. While I was making it, I thought it would be great, but now I find myself really reluctant to wear it. Who knows, maybe I will change my mind in the future.

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  1. euxaristw polu glukia mou Angelina*olos o kosmos einai arrwstos auti tin periodo, ennoeitai pws den tha tin glutwna**na eisai kala gia to endiaferon. pragmatika me sugkineis koukla*
    **ti uperoxa braxiolia!OLA!
    love & kisses*

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