dreams + romance

Along with some other pretty girls, Maria and Elena, I had the chance to participate in a photo shoot for Matchbox Mini Rings, taken place in a beautiful place in the center of Athens, Anafiotika.
We wanted to do a dreamy and vintage-style photo shoot, so we wore our romantic clothes and combined them with Maria’s gorgeous designs as rings, pendants and earrings. 
Jimbo Sergiou did our hair while we experimented on the make-up on our own. Uber-talented girl, Vassia Kalozoumi was capturing all the beauty and even though cloudy weather and rain did their best to destroy out photo shoot, she took some awesome pictures. I love them!
matchbox-mini-rings-02 matchbox-mini-rings-03 matchbox-mini-rings-04 matchbox-mini-rings-05 matchbox-mini-rings-06 matchbox-mini-rings-07 matchbox-mini-rings-08

matchbox-mini-rings-09 matchbox-mini-rings-10 matchbox-mini-rings-11 matchbox-mini-rings-12 matchbox-mini-rings-13 matchbox-mini-rings-14 matchbox-mini-rings-15 matchbox-mini-rings-16



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