diy polka dotted patch sweater

Lately the weather has got a little colder and I feel the urgency to wear sweaters and hoodies. As a diy girl, I like to add something special to them, so I couldn’t help myself but add some leopard polka dotted patches in a plain and cozy sweater. This is an incredibly simple project, read on to learn how to make it on your own.

You will need: 1. sweater 2. a not elastic leopard fabric 3. scissors 4. a needle and thread 5. paper and pen. It would be really helpful if you had compasses as well.

1. Use the compasses to draw circles in different sizes. Cut the circles out and pin them to the back of the leopard fabric and then cut the shapes out.

2. Doing this task again and again, you can cut several circles, I did it for almost 15 patches.
3. Place the patches on the sweater to make sure that you have plenty of them. Then pin them on the sweater.
4. Stitch all the way round the circles with embroidery thread, as in the photo.

And there you are! Hope you like it!

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