diy lunch bag clutch


Who didn’t fall in love with Jil Sander‘s fall 2012 leather lunch bag? I did for sure, but obviously I can’t afford it. I had to think of a diy idea, the simplest one was to use a paper/fabric shopping bag and change it.

Truth is that the bag I used is not a minimal one, but I feel that I can rock it. Still I cannot think of anyone who would go shopping holding this bag! It came to me by chance, and I didn’t know what to do with this bag, but I couldn’t to throw it away. So it really found its purpose with this diy project. Though, in the future I will make another lunch bag clutch using a black or nude leather.


You will need:  a shopping bag / scissors / clips / magnetic catches for bags
1. Steady the edges of the bags with two clips. Doing this you will feel more sure about the cut.


2. Start cutting the bag where you want, but make sure that there is enough length for it to fold. As you can see I didn’t cut that straight, but it’s okay, I corrected then. After you cut it, remove the clips and mark where you want to put the magnetic catches.
3. Add the magnetic catches on the one side. I think it is easy to add the catches, only you have to be careful while doing the holes for the magnetic catches. (they shouldn’t be too big or too small!)
4. Add the magnetic clips on the other side of the bag as well. Again you have to pay attention where you will put them so that the bag must be able to fold properly. Done!

So there you are! Your diy lunch bag clutch is ready!





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