make diy leg warmers & a snood using an old pullover

I have lots of old jumpers/pullover that I don’t wear anymore and I try to find ideas of reusing them. This is what happened with this pullover too. I thought of using its parts in different ways and made warmers for my legs and a snood. This is not a new idea and you may have already read something similar in other blogs, but I like how they turned out and thought of sharing them with you!

diy-leg-warmers-and-snood-from-old-pullover diy-leg-warmers-and-snood-from-old-pullover-02

Instructions: All you have to do is to cut the pullover as in the photo above and darn the cut pieces to protect them from unraveling. As quick as that!
These warmers will be really useful as I tend to wear skirts all the time.

And I am sure that the snood will take the place of my scarves for the next days and weeks.