diy casual jumpsuit

I’ve been obsessed with onesies and jumpsuits. I spent some time searching for the right onesie for me (it had to remind of sweatpants and not to be formal for sure). Truth to be told, I found some funny pieces in Topshop, but I am not that brave to wear them so I had no other solution, than making a jumpsuit on my own! Using a pair of sweatpants and a light cardigan (both oldies) I easily made my jumpsuit. Only thing I had to do was to remove the waistband from the sweatpants and sew the two pieces together. And now I’ve got a new favorite piece!




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  1. You look lovely! What a cool outfit…..wowww…..did you do the Onesies??? You're so talented, it's so awesome!!
    I love Cara Delevingne, she is stunningly beautiful, I love her cool pop culture style 😉
    Thank you so much for stopping by! My "G+" and "likes" on all the available posts<3
    Hope you have a fabulous week ahead<3


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