diy cartoon lunch bag

I tend to buy tote bags every summer, therefore I have plenty of them. Though, I use only two or three of them and need to find ways of reusing the ones I don’t want. This tote bag used to be my favorite one when I was around sixteen but I became bored of it soon and it stayed in my wardrobe for so long. I thought that it would make a great lunch bag. Follow my instructions and make one of your own too!

You will need: 1. a tote bag 2.a seam ripper 3. scratches 4. thread & needle
1. Remove the handles using a seam ripper.

2. Find the right place to sew the scratch. Actually, I “divided” the bag in four pieces, put the one in the end of the first part (back side) and the second in the middle of the bag (front side).

Here it is!

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