Design Walk 2012


Good morning, people!
This weekend was full of events, parties, and happenings. It was such an amazing and interesting weekend. Here is the post about Design Walk 2012 that I talked in my previous post.

Participating 11 creative studios, 11 different aspects of our lives were presented suggesting an ambitious and optimistic future, in a rather humorous way.
design-walk-2012-03 design-walk-2012-04
design-walk-2012-05-sereal-designers design-walk-2012-05-this-is-amateur
design-walk-2012-09 design-walk-2012-10-k2
design-walk-2012-11 design-walk-2012-12


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  1. That must have been quite a show, so much interesting and varied art. I certainly like the Consumerism and the Governance. Two things of the same it seems to me…

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