5 diy projects to decorate your home for autumn

decorate for autumn
5 diy projects to decorate for autumn

Autumn has come! You can see the falling leaves, feel the light breeze and start craving outdoor activities. Your home will follow the change of the season too. Warmer fabrics, darker hues and cozier decoration becomes necessary as the days pass.

To decorate for autumn, you don’t have to change your whole home. Add some pieces that’ll bring comfort and coziness to your space. If you need inspiration on how decorate for autumn, here are 5 diy projects you can do to decorate your home.

1. diy round pillows

decorate for autumn

Pillows can be a crucial part of your autumn decoration. Depending on the fabrics and colours, they set the mood for the whole room add cosiness to your space. Either used on the bed or the couch, the more pillows you have, the coziest the space.

Make your own round pillows.

2. diy double-sided throw blanket

A throw blanket may be the cosiest thing to add warmth to your home. Used either as decoration, draped over the arm of a sofa, or to keep you warm while you are relaxing on your couch or bed, throw blankets are the first thing you add when the temperature starts falling.

Make a double-sided throw-blanket.

3. handmade pot holders

Pot holders are not the first thing you notice in a home, but they are crucial for the everyday cooking. Better use pot holders that reflect your style and improve your mood whenever you use them.

Make your own pot holders.

4. diy cylinder felt basket

decorate for autumn

Baskets are necessary for a tidy place. They act as an organising tool, while serving as decoration too. Because of felt, this type of basket seems more appropriate for fall and winter months. Choose your favourite colours and enhance your seasonal decoration.

Make a diy cylinder felt basket.

5. ­­bead garland for decoration

wood bead garland

Wood beads add a rustic and fresh touch to your home. They can be used in several different ways, but I’m all about wood bead garland, as they look so cute. Either for decoration or as a wall hanger for random stuff, a bead garland gives an earthly attitude to your space.

Make your own bead garland.

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decorate for autumn

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