create your own short suit

Definitely, this is the right season to wear a short suit as it is one of the hottest trends right now in blogs and site all over the world. Though, instead of buying a short suit, I decided to create a more personalized one. I found it really challenging to combine pieces I already own to create a look that feels and seems like a short suit. I combined an oversized vintage blazer (removing its sleeves makes it look way much cooler than before) with a pair of shorts in a darker tone and a white top. The ensemble is exactly what I wanted to wear, effortlessly cool and easy-going!


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  1. I really like this outfit! It's not something I have ever considered before but it looks really stylish! xxx

  2. Amazing inspiration for me right now.seriously!
    I think Im gonna go and cut my vintage jacket's sleeves now.Yours look amazing and I've been wanting a short suit for a while.YESS,gonna do that

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