combat boots with lace-up


It was two months ago that I ordered these combat boots from sammydress, and I was afraid that they would never come to me. Needing some help, I came in contact with sammydress and they explained me that my shoes had arrived in Greece like 40 days ago. Oh! The Greek post office didn’t really mind informing me, but finally I got them and here it’s the time to show them to you!

These boots are my first order ever from sammydress and I am pretty satisfied. They are really comfortable, lovely and super affordable. What really caught my eye is that they can look stylish if worn normally or a little edgy if worn like above. The only sad thing about these shoes is that summer is coming, and I won’t be able to enjoy them enough; but I’ll wait until next autumn! If you are looking for a new pair of shoes, pay a visit here.
 combat-boots-with-lace-up-02 combat-boots-with-lace-up-03




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