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Cap Cap

Cap Cap

Cap Cap is a concept coffee shop in Aigaleo. Strangely enough, I hadn’t heard of this place before going there. A friend of mine suggested that we go there, saying that’s a really different place from what I’ve seen. I was too curious to deny her suggestion, and she was right! I was really astonished the moment I got inside.

Cap Cap is a very cool and distinguishable coffee shop. As you can imagine, this coffee shop is inspired of wizards and other fairy-tales. Its decoration varies according to the TV series, or movie series it’s dedicated in that particular time of the year. Since I visited this place during Christmas holidays, the mood was festive and there were a lots of celebrating decorations. It can be decorated according to Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings or even Game of Thrones. Such a  unique place, right? Same goes for the products it offers. Either inspired of Harry Potter or a fairy tale, all the yummy sweets and beverages are amazing. Don’t expect typical beers or anything, because you will disappointed. I don’t whether you find it fascinating or not. Though, if you are nearby, visit Cap Cap. It’s going to be fun!
Cap Cap Cap Cap cap-cap-winter-05 Cap CapCap Cap
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