Inside the Archaeological Museum of Kea

The Archaeological Museum of Kea is a little gem for ancient history lovers.

Archaeological Museum of Kea

While I do love sunbathing and fun at the beach, visiting museums always seem interesting, even in Greek islands. So, while I was on holidays in the island, I found some time for the Archaeological museum of Kea, too.

Archaeological Museum of Kea
Archaeological Museum of Kea

Located in the capital of the island, Ioulida (or Ioulis), the museum was constructed in the 1970s, and went under a major renovation (1997-2002). Today, it presents two permanent collections featuring selected artifacts from all the excavated sites of the island, distributed across two floors.

Archaeological Museum of Kea

On the first floor, there is the historical collection with findings dating from the Archaic to the Roman period. Though, on the second floor, the museum houses the prehistoric collection, including important burial finds from the Late Neolithic cemetery of Kephala and the finds from the Bronze Age settlement of Agia Eirene.

Take some time to visit the museum, but check the opening hours beforehand. The ticket costs around two euros and it’s definitely value for money. Since it is not huge, you can look at everything in detail, and combine the visit with a walk out of town to see the well-known lion.

More information about the museum here.


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