8 things to remember for a better life

8 things to remember for a better life
While trying to do all the things I want in a day, I forget what makes my life better, easier and more beautiful. I tend to focus on the moment, an act that is against my general idea of life. This list below is a little remind of what should matter more in our lives, and refers to where our priorities should be given every day! 
  1. Love yourself. 
  2. Look at people face to face. 
  3. Don’t be afraid of fear. 
  4. Don’t lose your courage. 
  5. Take care of the people you love.
  6. You will live only for once so everything you want to do, you must do it now. 
  7. Life is not a movie so there is no rehearsal. 
  8. Follow your dreams and desires because sometimes these show you the right thing to do.





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  1. we must love ourselves..everybody knows this but most of us don't do it…

    I read this list every day..again again until I do all of them….
    I follow my heart even if it makes mistakes sometimes…

    @froso xronia polla…xristos anesti 🙂

    @BohemianSoul I like ur blog…
    thanx for the comment 🙂

    @not a girl not yet a woman I believe that this
    list will make me happier.. 🙂

    xronia polla….

  2. thats a really nice list, if only everyone followed it as well:)
    thanks for following me! im following back too:)

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