3 ways to wear the natsuki shirt

Today, I am posting about the favorite piece in my wardrobe right now, I am talking about this polymorphic natsuki shirt, made by my friend and talented girl Myrto Papailiou. Since she began her own clothing line called M to the Pi, Myrto creates Japanese-inspired, polymorphic, clothes in affordable prices. This particular shirt can be worn in many ways, here I present you three of them but as I am writing this post, I have already thought of another way.

1. Tied on the frontmtothepi-natsuki-shirt-01 mtothepi-natsuki-shirt-02 mtothepi-natsuki-shirt-04 mtothepi-natsuki-shirt-05

Tied on the front, this shirt creates a very feminine silhouette! Although, I am not used to dressing like that, I cannot help but admire the shirt! It looks undeniable stylish!

2. With an open backmtothepi-natsuki-shirt-07

It depends on you if you want to have open back or just create the shape. Personally, I was wearing a bustier under the top, so it wouldn’t look nice with an open back, but it would look amazing without the bustier. I think that you can see what I mean!

3. As a long vestmtothepi-natsuki-shirt-08 mtothepi-natsuki-shirt-09 mtothepi-natsuki-shirt-main-photo

As I love vests, this is my favorite way of wearing this shirt. A long vest makes any look effortlessly cool and gives a graceful touch in my rather simple outfit. 


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