relaxing weekend in Syros

source url relaxing weekend in Syros I spent a relaxing weekend in Syros, where the Animasyros Festival took place from Thursday till Sunday. I spent most of the time watching animation films, but still I had the chance to see a small part of Syros. So much beauty, don’t you agree?

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see url. Binomial Trees. Wiener Processes and Ito’s Lemma. The Black-Scholes-Merton Model. Employee Stock Options. There is something about the blue of the sea and the sunny weather that affects on everyone’s mood and joy. Somehow they hypnotize you and set you in a certain type of mood. Personally I have always been charmed by the blue color of the sea. Even the buildings are so lovely. Featuring white and several pastel colors, the buildings exude calmness and hospitality.

weekend-in-syros-02 I had noticed the denim on denim trend a long time ago, but I didn’t have the chance to try it. Though I decided to wear two denim items in an outfit when I was in Syros and it felt okay. Of course, there’s any photo where my hair was good because of the strong wind. Oh and it was so awesome being near to the sea again!

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We’ll meet again, Syros. And I know that the moment I set my foot on the island, I’ll feel like home again.
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