L’Oreal Paris skin perfection


Today we’ll make a review of the Skin Perfection range. Just let me first mention how much I love the packaging, it is very pretty and lovely; pink-fuchsia boxes and bottles!

Now, let’s go on with the review! I started using the L’Oreal Paris Skin Perfection range more than a month ago, so I can tell you how I feel about each product. The range consists of five products, an Advanced Correcting Serum, a Correcting Day Moisturizer, two BB Cream 5 in 1 Instant Blemish Balm in Fair and Medium, a Magic Touch Instant-BlurThe collection is aimed at the 20-30 market, so it’s up to my needs, and since it promises to tone, minimize pores and improve the texture of your skin (aka make my skin look perfect without using make-up), this is a challenge (extra info: I don’t use make-up so I want need to have a perfect skin). 

  • Advanced Correcting Serum: Enriched with LR2412 and Perline-P, this serum aims to tighten pores, refine skin texture and brighten skin tone! It has a light consistency and instantly disappears on application. It contains 30ml of the product and comes with a great pump, making it easy to take the exact amount you want, though one pump covers your entire face! I have been using it for about one month now, every night and morning before applying moisturizer, and I love it! Even though, I don’t have any major problem, I noticed a difference in the look and feel of my skin.
  • Correcting Day Moisturizer: The pink day cream is also enriched with Perline-P and is ideal for all skin types. It promises to improve the quality of your entire face, and it certainly does from the first use. Although I was afraid to use this moisturizer due to its consistency, my skin absords it immediately and feels smooth. I apply this day cream every morning after the correcting serum, and it works perfect for my skin! Also, I feel that even though the range targets at 20-30 market, this particular moisturizer could be used for older ages too.
  • Magic Touch Instant-Blur: This is a cream with rich consistency and has a definite brightening effect. This product is indicated for topical application and can work as a primer, before the make-up. As the other products do, despite its heavy synthesis, it adsorbs in a flash and becomes one with the skin. I like the fact that it covers imperfections (as I don’t use make-up) and I can reassure you that you gonna love it!


  • BB Cream 5 in 1 Instant Blemish Balm: According to the L’Oreal Paris, this product offers 24hour hydration, targets appearance of dark spots, and has sun protection SPF 25. To tell the truth, I’ve never used another BB cream before, but this one feels great, offers light coverage and moisturizes my skin. It seems like a foundation, though it blends great! I use the fair shade as fits my skin complexion and doesn’t leave a greasy residue. 

To sum up, this range has improved the quality of my skin. The products are good value for money. My skin feels nourished, even though it’s usually dry during winter.