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5 tips on making good habits

As humans, we all strive to change our lives and improve ourselves. Making good habits is a great way to start seeing a small positive change in our life. Personally, I’ve changed a lot this year. I’ve started from zero and become an everyday doodler, […]

8 things to remember for a better life

While trying to do all the things I want in a day, I forget what makes my life better, easier and more beautiful. I tend to focus on the moment, an act that is against my general idea of life. This list below is a […]

5 reasons why I don’t wear make-up

Wearing make-up is a piece of cake for most women. For me it’s something I am not accustomed to.  Though it happened naturally, no make-up look is part of my everyday life. I always go bare-faced. I tried to understand why I don’t wear make-up […]

9 things you can do to show your love for someone

I‘ve spent some time thinking about love and how we express it to others. I feel that most people tend to celebrate their love by giving gifts to their loved ones. It’s important to express your love to the people who matter the most for […]

5 good things you should do for your wardrobe

Hey there! I feel like Christmas was yesterday, but we are already in February. During January, I had a major clean out of my closet, actually this started last October but just few days ago I completed the process and moved on to books, and […]