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Dark Chocolate Salt Popcorn

Dark Chocolate Salt Popcorn

Nothing says movie time like a bowl full of popcorn, but what do you do when you want popcorn and something sweet too? If you are anything like me, you try to combine them in one snack and hope for the best. Actually, this is […]

green smoothie to energize your day

This apple cucumber kiwi green smoothie is so tasty and all the ingredients are very easy to find. I’ve made it several times during the summer and loved it enough to share it with you. I cannot think of a better way to eat fruits […]

avocado-cucumber toast

Hey, guys! In contrast to my teenage years, now breakfast has become the most important meal of my day. Everyday I spend some time into making a quality breakfast, and it has made me pay more attention to every meal during my day. Every one […]

apple pie cake recipe

Everyday, I discover promising recipes on Pinterest and from time to time I try to cook one or two of them. It was few days ago that I saw a recipe in Pinterest, and my inner aspiring chef wanted to make this apple pie caker […]