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wood bead garland for Spring

wood bead garland for Spring

I will admit that I’m not fan of garlands, but wood beads are so lovely. They add a cool touch anywhere you put them while making your place look fresh for Spring. Usually I decorate my home with fabrics, posters or alike. I choose things […]

how to make an easy diy chalkboard

Chalkboards can be used either for organization (tο-do/grocery shopping lists) or even inspiration (smart quotes). In this post I will share how you can make an easy diy chalkboard for your home. Είτε τον χρησιμοποιείτε για οργάνωση (λίστες με τα ψώνια ή δουλειές του σπιτιού […]

how to make diy round pillows

It’s been a little time since my last do-it-yourself project, but today I will show you how to make diy round pillows using basic materials. It takes around 15 minutes to make a diy round pillow, using any steady fabric. Diy round pillows are perfect […]

how to make diy storage boxes

I tend to use boxes whenever possible and diy storage boxes are much cuter and more valuable than regular shop bought ones.These paper boxes are not suitable for heavy objects, but you can hide inside lots of stuff like photographs and pens. You can easily […]

how to make handmade Christmas cards using magazines

Hello there! Last week I was about to give an early Christmas present to a friend of mine, but I hadn’t bought her a card. Instead of freaking out, I thought of making a handmade card using stock paper and magazine pages with photographs I […]