diy minimal rope choker necklace

Choker trend is really strong this season and seems that chokers will keep us company during the fall/winter months too. Personally, I find them so sexy that I always think of different ways to make a choker on my own (example here). Yesterday I made […]

chain earrings (inspired of Alexander Wang)

Longs earrings have been everywhere this year and personally I’m lamely obsessed with them, so I’m always on the look-out for a new pair of them. Inspired of Alexander Wang Spring 2016 Ready-to-Wear long chain earrings, these diy chain earrings add a 90s-inspired luxe grunge […]

diy choker necklace (made of fabric)

By now you’ve probably seen it in magazines, fashion websites, favorite celebrities or girls on the street. The choker necklace is everywhere! Made of leather, velvet or ribbon, the choker gives a fashion-forward boost to your style and it’s pretty easy to make one on […]

diy statement earrings

For years, I haven’t worn earrings because I felt that they didn’t look nice on me. Though, last spring I wore a statement earring during the photo-shoot for the H&M Conscious Spring/Summer 2015 collection and something inside me changed! I had been missing one of […]

diy wire stacking rings

Inspired by the minimalism and simplicity that everyone rocks lately in fashion, I got into making some thin and simple wire rings. The fun thing about this diy project is that it requires around five minutes to make your own ring. Ο μινιμαλισμός και η […]